Hello! I’m Loren Lee, a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in branding and web design.

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Case Study: Belgian Waffle Ride

student project


I began with research on the original branding of BWR and its history.

Michael Marckx is the founder of Belgian Waffle Ride. He is of Belgian heritage and loves cyclocross and long bike races. The Belgian Waffle Ride began as an homage to the storied history of bike racing in Belgium—a place long considered to be the epicenter of international professional cycling. The first Belgian Waffle Ride was in 2011, an all-day race of more than 130 miles. In the absence of cobbles, Marckx routed the race through a sequence of dirt sectors. BWR is one of the biggest gravel races in the world. To pay homage to the Belgian classics, Marckx names the various dirt sectors and painful climbs with Belgium-inspired names, such as the “Kakaboulet,” “Twistenweg,” and “Muur van Dubbelberg.”